Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

I first heard about crossfit through a friend about two months ago.  After reading and watching videos online to learn more, my first text to my friend was “That looks killer!  And awesome!” It has definitely proven to be both of those things as I’ve experienced it for myself!

From the first day I learned about it, I was immediately drawn in by the all-inclusive fitness approach of crossfit.  A lot of the exercises and workouts seemed way outside my level of strength and ability, but I was encouraged to learn that it offered a way for anyone at any level the opportunity to participate and make progress towards their specific health and fitness goals.

Prior to starting crossfit I worked out at a gym at least 4-6 times a week, trying to piece together things I had learned from friends, online, trainers, and several years of experience.  Although I made progress and gained muscle over time, I never really achieved a good balance of core strength, muscle growth, and cardiovascular fitness that I needed in order to progress and grow in the way that I wanted to.  I feel that I am already seeing MUCH faster progress in all areas of my personal fitness in the short time I have committed to crossfit. The workouts are more challenging and more rewarding than anything I typically did on my own at my old gym, and are a far cry from the isolated weight lifting approach that I was stuck in before.

I looked into a few different crossfit gyms before deciding to go with Ute Crossfit in Draper. The decision was a pretty easy one to make, and I went with Ute crossfit for a number of reasons. The facility and equipment are new and are always kept clean. The other members that work out there are awesome and encouraging to everyone, regardless of fitness level. And most importantly, the owners Nick and Rebecca are very knowledgeable about exercise, diet, and how to set yourself up for success. They always motivate me to work harder and to feel positive about the progress I am making, however new and clumsy I may sometimes feel.

Crossfit is changing my outlook on fitness, and even in a lot of ways changing my outlook on life. I have found my mentality changing over the past couple months, from primarily just wanting to look good through exercise, to now wanting to be as fit and athletic and healthy as possible. And I’m actually seeing that the “look” I have always sought is coming even more efficiently as a result of just committing myself to the process.

Most days I feel like I push myself harder and accomplish more through crossfit than in any other task I have to accomplish in work, school, or in my personal life. But I also feel like I have more confidence and energy to face everything in my life after giving my all to the workout of the day. I see the energy and confidence found through crossfit spilling over into all areas of my life, and at the same time feel the responsibilities, goals, and struggles from my life giving me extra focus and purpose to push through a challenging workout.

I would encourage anyone who is looking into crossfit, especially if you’re skeptical that it will work for you, to give it a try. You’ll have awesome instructors to help you along the way, meet great people who are working hard right along with you, and most importantly you’ll be better enabled to meet your fitness goals.

What Marks Coach’s have to say about him:

Mark is not only a student but has a full time job, he is an incredible athlete, and also a wonderful motivator. Not a session goes by without Mark saying hello to everyone in the gym, and cheering on other athletes. I have never seen Mark give anything less than 100% in a workout. His success speaks volumes, and it’s directly attributable to his dedication to his work in the gym and nutrition outside the gym. He recently accomplished some big goals, like his first kipping pull-up (immediately followed by his first consecutive pull-ups) and a back squat of 300 pounds! Mark has gotten leaner all while putting on 14lbs of muscle weight on the scale in just over 2 months. Mark has seen great improvements in strength, endurance, stamina and has continued to progress. We are so fortunate to have Mark as a member/athlete and he is a great example of how hard work pays off.

Mark Anderson