Rebecca Ballstaedt

Rebecca Ballstaedt Co-owner Ute CrossFit East Draper and Coach

Co-owner Ute CrossFit East Draper and Coach

I received my B.A. in Exercise Sport Science and Nutrition from the University of Utah in 2003.  I also obtained many Nationally Accredited Certifications.  After more than ten plus years in the health and fitness industry, CrossFit has given me a new lease on life and has taken everything that I already knew about fitness to another level.  I chose to pursue a career as a CrossFit coach, because I am convinced that CrossFit provides innumerable and valuable benefits to  competitive athletes and individuals from all backgrounds and fitness  levels.  I know the CrossFit philosophy will help all those who are looking to improve overall health and mental toughness.

My goal as a coach is to connect with each person I train in a way that motivates and excites them to perform at their highest level.  I will encourage you in ways that will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and elicit positive changes in all aspects of your physical health.   I am continually committed to expanding my skill-sets to allow me to adapt to and work with a wide variety fitness levels.   Injury prevention and optimized function of the body are fundamental to my training philosophy.

I am a strong believer that nutrition is the foundation for health and longevity and I love consulting with individuals helping pave a path for their personal nutritional goals.  I am a CrossFit nutritionist consultant and I have launched a successful nutrition business, Evolve Fitness, which can help anyone with life and food choices for optimum health.

I am a wife to a wonderful husband, Nick, who shares my same passion for Crossfit, and mother to two beautiful girls; Charly 2 ½ and Piper 1 year.  CrossFit allows me to have the energy that I need to play with my kids, run with my dog, and have mental and emotional clarity all day long. I am a lifelong athlete who played softball, rugby, and volleyball at the collegiate level.  I’ve also taken up running and competed in half and full marathons. When I am not coaching I enjoy restoring vintage furniture and baking Paleo/Zone Becca Bars that will curb any unhealthy craving. I also enjoy educating about alternative methods of heeling and medicine through doTerra oils.

In the Gym

Rebecca is available for nutrition consultations.  She coaches our WOD classes full time, and pays great attention to making sure our clients understand the movements, execute them correctly and get the greatest benefit from doing their workouts.

CrossFit Certifications

CrossFit Level 1 Certification
CrossFit Kids Certification
CrossFit Endurance Certification

Other Experience

Captain of U of U Women’s Rugby League 2001-2003
NASM Personal Training Certified
Ten plus years personal training, nutrition consulting and coaching

Personal Records

SLC Marathon 3:40, SLC 1/2 Marathon 1:37, 5k 21:34, Mile 6:10

Fran 4:10, FGB 318, Filthy-Fifty 21:59

40 Pull-ups Unbroken, Deadlift 310, Back Squat 265, Shoulder Press 110, Clean 195