Rebekah Cole After CrossFit

Rebekah Cole – After

Rebekah Cole Before CrossFit

Rebekah Cole – Before

I’ve worked out my whole life.  For many years, my work out was a 20-30 minute brisk walk.  Nothing in my body composition changed but I kept walking.  I got a personal trainer and lost weight and inches but once I stopped meeting with the trainer, I didn’t push myself as hard and went back to walking and light weight lifting.  Exercise was mundane work.  I didn’t love it, I didn’t see results, but I didn’t know what else to do.

Nicholas (my little, I mean younger brother) and Rebecca discovered CrossFit and talked about it with passion and energy and addiction.  In my mind, I was not competitive, did not want a boot-camp trainer yelling at me, didn’t want to be timed in my work out and preferred working out alone.  The group “wod” thing was not for me.   In the meantime, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, had to have my thyroid removed and really came up against a weight issue.  My weight slowly crept up and soon I was carrying around at least 50 extra pounds.  Finally, in December of 2009, I gave CrossFit a chance and had my trash handed to me by an innocent sounding  wod called “Annie.”  Nicholas was the trainer that morning.  Even before the wod started I was nervous and embarrassed.  Here my brother would see firsthand how overweight and out of shape his sister was.  I felt so vulnerable.  I didn’t know what I’d be expected to do but fully expected to fail.  It was probably as scary as it was physically challenging.  We started with pull-ups and he got the thickest band (“the black band”) for me to use.  There was so much spring in the band but it still wasn’t enough to make a few pull-ups very easy.  I strained, struggled and shook to eek out 2 or 3 before I had to catch my breath and rest.  “Awesome, Rebekah!  You are doing great.”  What?!  He just showed me how real pull-ups should look and that is not what I did.  How could my weak attempt be considered awesome?  Nicholas encouraged, motivated and put this experience into perspective.  First, I showed up.  Second, I was working really hard for my ability and right now that required the assistance of  “the black band.”  The pull-ups he did were challenging for him and the pull-ups I did were challenging for me.  Third, this is a competition between me and me…no one else.  I will be cheered on by the trainers and other crossfitters just like I will cheer them on.  We all showed up, it’s hard for everyone but we all work to finish.  Fourth, this was just the warm up…let’s talk about “Annie.”

Nicholas got me to commit to a standard of the rope passing under my feet 2x for it to count as one rep.  This was called a double-under.  Ok.  So, I do 50 double- unders then 50 sit ups…40…30…20…10.  Sounds easy.   As I struggled for the first 7 minutes of failed attempt after failed attempt after failed attempt then getting one and then failing again, I realized there had to be a better way.  I was jumping high, trying to whip that rope around but landing short so many times.  Nicholas stood right by, with a smile on his face and coached.  “The more tired you get, the more efficient you will become.”  If I was going to get my body to jump up, I wasn’t going to land until the rope had gone under twice.  I jumped high and nearly landed in a squat each time.  It was clumsy, it was slow, but it was getting the job done.

I don’t know why I kept coming back.  The work outs were so hard.  I got nervous from the moment I read the workout at home to the moment I stood in front of this heavy 35lb bar with the trainer counting down, “Three, Two, One, GO!”  I had never been so sore…was this normal?  They said I wouldn’t die and I would still be able to breathe.  At the time, I believed they were lying.

I kept at it.  I did the Paleo challenge and Rebecca coached, instructed, taught and motivated me to see beyond the junk food and fuel my body with what it really needed.  I finally started seeing the magic that nutrition coupled with these grueling work outs can produce.  They go hand in hand.  I had been missing that important combination for so long.  Finally getting nutrition and exercise together made me realize how strong, fast, enduring and resilient my body is!

What Rebekah’s coaches have to say about her: CrossFit and Rebecca and Nicholas have seen me through so many phases of life and have brought out the best in me.  Doing CrossFit has given me many valuable life skills such as goal setting, discipline, perspective, health, happiness and friends.  I want to eat well because I want the challenging wod I did this morning to mean something.  I look forward to working harder, going faster and lifting heavier.  I am happy with my struggles and success  and am so happy for others as I see them struggle and succeed too.  That’s why I love cheering during the wods.  I’ve done CrossFit with a 50 pound vest on (its called all my extra body weight).  I’ve done CrossFit while pregnant, twice!  If there is anything challenging in my day or life, I can put it into perspective with relation to CrossFit… focus on one rep at a time and soon you’ll have those 75 snatches completed… get through one more moment or one more difficult hour of the day and it will soon be over.  I often think to myself, “I can do this…I do CrossFit!”  After thinking on that first question again, 90% may be a moderate number.

Rebekah’s testimony of hard work, perseverance, and dedication speaks for itself. We have watched Rebekah evolve into an athlete to be admired, and whom inspires those around her. Rebekah is the first person to introduce herself to new comers and make them feel welcome. She always has a smile and positive attitude. She is also very humble.  She continues to excel and practice her goats in order to become a better version of her self daily. She sets the bar high for herself and for those that work out with her. Rebekah self admittedly is not competitive and simply just likes to work hard and push herself into that uncomfortable place in order to take her health and fitness to that next level. Rebekah is a mother of two beautiful little girls and we know that her health and fitness transcends into her being one of the most incredible mothers we have the pleasure of acquainting ourselves with.  Thank you for being apart of our Ute Family. We love you and you add so much to our community!