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Steve Moser After CrossFit

Steve Moser – After

Steve Moser Before CrossFit 1

Steve Moser – Before

Steve Moser After CrossFit

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CrossFit is the BEST thing I’ve ever done with my life and it’s only taken me 55 years to figure it out.   I thank my friend Mike who inspired me to attend my first introductory class 6 months ago on that warm Saturday morning in early summer. I admit it, I have become an addict to CrossFit and I believe everyone with a heart that beats deserves to feel this good. The world is constantly looking for a cure-all that will solve its ills. For me, CrossFit has become my panacea, my drug of choice. How could I not be addicted to something that helps me sleep better, breathe better, eat better, feel more calm and less stressed, feel more secure with who I am as a person, improve my posture (sitting and walking), ascend 8+ flights of stairs and not feel short-of-breath, feel a euphoric high after completing each WOD, lift heavy objects from floor to shelf or vice versa, be able to think clearer, and give me a “family” of teammates that motivate me along the way? My “senior moments” have appreciably diminished. I’m better able to remember names, numbers and appointments. As a healthcare professional and provider of care, I feel better abled to care for others, which is critically important from a patient safety standpoint. These are some of the major benefits I’ve been afforded since starting Ute CrossFit and it’s occurred at a remarkable rate.

When I was told that I would be spotlighted as Crossfitter of the month, I felt unworthy. The reason is due to several setbacks I’ve had with injuries that occurred early in my training, specifically rhabdomyolysis and a right calf muscle tear. Crossfit did not impose these injuries on me per se, rather my injuries resulted from my arrogance in trying to compare myself to others (I was humbled quickly), and my ignorance in not listening to my body, or heeding the advice of Nick and Rebecca. Their words of wisdom have been “slow is fast.” I’ve found that doing things sloppily and too quickly is less efficient and potentially dangerous vs. doing them correctly with a focused mind. Choosing the appropriate weight, incorporating the proper technique, and not giving up during a WOD has become critical in making positive gains, and in helping to decrease my risk of injury. Another way I’ve thought of this is, “start low, go slow…but GO (advance).” Despite the injuries I’ve incurred, I continue to attend Crossfit and witness continued improvement in my strength, agility, and stamina because of the strong motivation and expertise of Rebecca and Nick in adapting my workouts to my specific injuries. If I could give advise to anyone with an injury I could only echo the words of Nick and Rebecca, “Do not stop Crossfit because of your injury. Don’t give up. Don’t quit.” Rebecca and Nick will adapt a workout to involve the hundreds of other uninjured muscles that are standing-by for continued functional training while allowing the injury to heal. Their words and advice are platinum.

I still look at the WOD on my computer at home and think, “Oh &%!# can I do this?” I end up convincing myself, “yes Steve, you can… remember slow is fast, listen to your body, but GO (advance)!” I have learned to put my ego aside, realizing that there will always be someone that can run faster, jump higher, and lift more. I have come to appreciate me as my own competitor. But even more than appreciating my personal bests, I have come to greatly appreciate my multiple Crossfit “family” teammates who motivate me during every WOD with shouts of encouragement when I don’t think I can lift the barbell one more time…then high-five me after I do lift it, and celebrate along with me my success even if I’m the last to finish. My Crossfit experience is rich and rewarding physically and mentally. I’ve come to realize there is no “ceiling” in Crossfit, just more gains to look forward to in the future resulting in celebration.

Thank you Nick and Rebecca…Rebecca and Nick (you’re both equally important) for the motivation…and for kicking my butt at each and every WOD. I honestly do not know where I would be without you both in my life and the gift you’ve given me.

I no longer am short of breath after walking up a flight of stairs. It was just last year that I was unable to catch my breath for at least an hour after any strenuous activity and it scared me.

It’s true; when you have your health you have everything.

You both have changed my life significantly for the better.

Steven Moser