Workout of the Day

The definition of the WOD (or Workout of the Day) is a workout where you will perform constantly varied, functional movements, executed at the highest rate of intensity according to your level of fitness.  In our gym we have members who are beginners just starting our program.  We have members who use our program for general fitness and exercise.  We also have members who are very advanced CrossFitters, who need and want to be pushed, and who can handle more volume and aggressive movements that will prepare them for high level CrossFit Competitions.

Daily we post a workout with 4 scaling options to choose from.  This allows all Ute CrossFitters to be coached properly according to their athletic ability.  The options and variations for each WOD are as follows:

Rx Modified Plus (RxM+)

Beginner athletes who need to create a solid foundation before they progress to avoid injury.

Rx Modified (RxM)

Intermediate Athletes who have advanced the beginner workouts but need to scale loads and movements for safety, and who are working toward the Rx Level.


Advanced Athletes who have a solid foundation and who can do what is on the board!  Looking to work hard and be a warrior, but looking for well rounded training not specific to competing in CrossFit.

Rx Plus (+)

Advanced CrossFit Athletes who are competing in CrossFit competitions and doing the appropriate recovery to support the training.  Individuals doing this training are competing in CrossFit as a sport, which is very different that using CrossFit as a training Method.

We have several classes per day Monday through Saturday.   See what today’s WOD is, at each of our locations: