Elliott Johnston

Elliott Johnston


I have been active my whole life, growing up playing competitive soccer, swimming, and lots of board sports.  My active lifestyle went on hold after getting a job in the corporate world as an artist for Disney Interactive Studios.  After several years of riding a desk and not getting any results from working out at other gyms, I decided to give Crossfit a try.  I was instantly hooked, and never get bored due to the constant variety in the programming.  I got stronger, faster, and gained confidence that transferred to everyday life.

I am not an elite crossfit athlete.  I am a normal person who has seen the benefit of Crossfit, and enjoy sharing it with people who are looking for the same result.  I believe that we, as a modern society, are moving in the wrong direction on the evolution scale, and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of proper movement and nutrition with others who are interested in changing their lives.   My goal as a trainer is to make my clients stronger and fitter in a safe manner, and challenge people to do things that they did not think were possible for themselves.  I take pride in working at Ute Crossfit because the trainers are the very best in the industry, and we work hard to continue learning and push each other to become better everyday!  Combined with progressive programming and amazing clients, it is an awesome place to be!


In the Gym

Elliott has been coaching at Ute CrossFit since October of 2010, he privately trains clients and coaches our regular WOD classes.   Don’t let his mild demeanor fool you, Elliott works hard and trains hard.   His work ethic is perfect for CrossFit as CrossFitters know no other way than to train hard.  He is always challenging himself, working on his strength and endurance.  He is a smart coach, very familiar will all of the CrossFit movements.


CrossFit Certifications

CrossFit Level 1 Certification


Other Experience

Level 2 Certified Snowboard Instructor
4 Years, Park City Mountain Resort

Outdoor Trail Guide
3 Years