Tommy Hackenbruck

Co-owner and Coach

I couldn’t say that I found CrossFit, but that CrossFit found me after 26 years.  I’d spent my whole life challenging myself with everything from doing back flips in my football pads, to climbing every tree in my backyard to jumping off 50 ft. cliffs.  Random athletic pursuits led me to being a multi-sport athlete through high school and eventually a starting middle linebacker on the University of Utah Fiesta Bowl team in 2004.  After college, with no athletics to keep me occupied, I harnessed my energy by pursuing Tae Kwon Do, coaching youth sports, and framing houses (the only job that allowed me to walk 5 inch wide planks 20 feet off the ground on a regular basis).

In 2008 my entire view of fitness and being “fit” was challenged the minute I heard about CrossFit workouts.  I went out later that week and did my first CrossFit workout and was humbled to say the least.  Since then I have redefined my perception of fitness, completely changed my eating habits, and passionately pursued a well rounded, more inclusive kind of fitness.  CrossFit has allowed me to excel in the things I’m good at, like weightlifting, and become competent at the things I used to be terrible at, like distance running and bodyweight exercises.  Now in my 30s, I am stronger than when I was playing college football, yet my endurance is the best it’s ever been and my overall fitness is the best it’s ever been.  I have two beautiful, young children and I’m sure I will be able to “keep up” with them well into their adulthood!

My favorite part of CrossFit is helping other people see their lives drastically improved by getting plugged into the right gym.  At Ute CrossFit, I strive to create an atmosphere of hard work, camaraderie, and success.  We have no mirrors, no egos, and no empty promises.  Our only guarantee is that your results will be well earned by your hard work.  When you walk in our door you are a part of the family, which means that you will be accepted, challenged, and congratulated.  We expect hard work and perseverance from all of our clients, our trainers, and ourselves.  Welcome to Ute CrossFit!

In the Gym

Tommy is available for personal training and currently coaches competitive CrossFit athletes and athletes of other competitive sports.   With his own competition background he brings a wealth of knowledge to athletes he trains.   In 2011 Ute CrossFit was most represented gym in the world at the CrossFit World Games with 8 qualified athletes competing.  In 2013, Ute CrossFit is the first affiliate to qualify two teams at one time for the CrossFit World Games Affiliate Cup.  HacksPack, Ute CrossFit’s affiliate team has won the CrossFit World Games Affiliate Cup twice.

2014 CrossFit Southwest Regionals 1st Place

2013 CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup Champions

2012 CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup Champions

2010 CrossFit Games 9th Place

2009 CrossFit Games 2nd Place

2009 2nd Fittest Man in the World

Tommy Hackenbruck

Tommy Hackenbruck 

CrossFit Certifications

CrossFit Level 2 Certification
CrossFit Level 1 Certification
CrossFit Rowing Certification
CrossFit Endurance Certification
CrossFit Strongman Certification

Personal Records

Mile 5:30, 2k Row 6:30.0, 500m Row 1:19.7

Front Squat 415#, Clean 345#, OH Squat 345#

Fran 2:24, Elizabeth 4:49, Jackie 5:14