Tyler Rockwell

Tyler Rockwell


Sports and athletics have always been a big part of my life.  Growing up I played every sport from hockey to tennis.  My first love was soccer, which I played up through college at the club level.  After graduating from Gonzaga University in 2009, I moved back to Salt Lake to pursue a career in the medical field.  After attempting to do the globo gym routine for a while, I became bored and and felt like I was not making the gains I was hoping for.  In the Spring of 2010, after much resistance, I was talked into giving CrossFit a try and instantly became addicted.  Not only did the workout push me to my limits, but I felt like part of an incredible community, much like I felt when I was part of a team growing up.  Over the past 3 years CrossFit has allow me to make incredible gains both physically and mentally.  It is a program, which always pushes you to your limits and rewards your efforts.

My Favorite part of coaching is seeing others reach heights they never thought possible.  No matter ones ability, our community strives to make everyone better through hard work, dedication and camaraderie.  I will always be involved in the CrossFit community, as it is something that cannot be duplicated in any other realm of athletics.

In the Gym

Tyler found us, he started working out here and then his parents followed.  Like a lot of families the Rockwells caught the CrossFit bug together.  He, like a lot of us, just got that the environment in our gym is much different than going to place with a bunch of machines and no one talks to one another.  The more he worked out with us the more he was interested in coaching.  Tyler is a natural at making the people around him feel welcome and comfortable.  He is a great fit for our community and we are happy he is on board.


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Personal Records

Deadlift 465, Clean and Jerk 265

500m Row 1:23

Helen 9:10, Grace 2:12

Tyler Rockwell