Holladay WOD

Friday WOD 14.5!!

Pre WOD: 300m row + 100 Double Unders – for time Warm up your shoulders with your coach WOD: CrossFit Games Open WOD 14.5 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of: Thrusters 95#/65# Burpees Post WOD: Crossover Symmetry Recover 3 x :30 Prone

Wednesday WOD

Pre WOD Every minute on the minute for 8:00 minutes. 5 Thruster at the heaviest load you can handle for 5 reps, per minute.  Make sure to choose a load that you can lift and be able to recover with in the minute, being ready for your next set.

MFLD, thats right.

Pre WOD Tabata Box Jumps 20/16″ (going for quick turn over and jumps) Complete 1 air squat during your rest. 8x:20/:10 -To modify, use a lower box or use step up and step down. Rest 2:00 Then: 4×100 Double Under (Does not have to be