Ute Podcast Ep 1

Ute CrossFit Podcast

Lambert and I, Madison, talk about what makes a great gym. Specifically, what makes a great CrossFit gym and how they can differ from box to box.

We cover a few topics that you can expect to look for when you are new or experienced, walking into a CrossFit gym for the first time, if you’re moving and trying to find a new gym, or if you’re just needing to possibly find a new gym in your area.

This is our first podcast together and we’re excited to see where this goes. Enjoy!

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  • BTM Shorts 2 December 9, 2021
    On this Shorts episode, Lambert talks about the community that Ute CrossFit has and what any CrossFit gym's community can bring to each of our lives. It can bring so many positive things to our lives and create new paths that we never thought would happen or possible. Enjoy!
    Ute Crossfit
  • BTM Shorts: What's in a WOD and how to read it! November 19, 2021
    On this short episode, it's just Madison chatting about his experience with programming and what to look at when you look at a workout. Ways of doing workouts to get healthier and fitter. Pacing and reasons why certain things are programmed. I'm hoping to shed a little light on behind the scenes of programming workouts […]
    Ute Crossfit
  • Episode 11 November 8, 2021
    On this episode, Lambert and Madison catch up after a few months of recording an episode.  We talk about "competitive" programming vs. class programming and when should you choose one over the other. Personalized programming vs. general programming.  We also talk about "open gym" memberships vs class memberships and what the differences are between the […]
    Ute Crossfit
  • Episode 10 - Benchmark workouts and the 'Why' behind the programming July 19, 2021
    On this episode, Lambert asks Madison some questions that he had and had heard throughout the week in the gym. The questions were finding out the "why" behind a lot of the workouts and sequencing of movements. This past week, we tested a bunch of benchmark workouts and explain the benefits of them. How testing […]
    Ute Crossfit
  • Episode 9 - adding volume and building an engine July 4, 2021
    On this episode, I sit down with Shayne Denihan, a member or Ute CrossFit and long time crossfitter. Lambert was out of town, so Shayne agreed to have a chat about things beyond the workout! We talk about adding in volume to training and how to make sure you don't over train or under recover. […]
    Ute Crossfit
  • Episode 8 - A few Diet Myths, Lamberts weight loss Journey, and calories in vs. calories out. May 30, 2021
    On this episode of Beyond the Metcon,  We talked about setting goals in regards to diet and weight loss that are realistic and how to understand that expectations and reality are two different things. We get a little vulnerable with talking about Lambert's weight loss journey, how he thought he would feel once he made […]
    Ute Crossfit
  • Beyond the Metcon - Episode 7 April 28, 2021
    On this episode, Lambert and I are recording in the Ute CrossFit gym. We  talk about a few myths that we have heard throughout the years of our  experience either as crossfitters or as a coach. We wanted to break down  some of those and give some clarity to what's really going on in a  CrossFit gym […]
    Ute Crossfit
  • Beyond the Metcon - Episode 6 April 16, 2021
    On this episode, we recap the 2021 open and talk about standards and  what to try to focus on going forward. After the open is over we get  excited about the test that we just put ourselves through and then we  work on a few weaknesses, but keeping that going all year is tough so […]
    Ute Crossfit
  • Beyond the Metcon - Episode 5 April 2, 2021
    On episode 5 of Beyond the Metcon, Lambert and I wanted you all to get to know us a little more in our CrossFit journey. We have had our ups and downs and wanted you all to hear the stories that we found funny after they were done. We talk about moments that we thought […]
    Ute Crossfit
  • Beyond the Metcon - Episode 4 March 22, 2021
    Beyond the Metcon - Episode 4
    Ute Crossfit