Ute Podcast Ep 1

Ute CrossFit Podcast

Lambert and I, Madison, talk about what makes a great gym. Specifically, what makes a great CrossFit gym and how they can differ from box to box.

We cover a few topics that you can expect to look for when you are new or experienced, walking into a CrossFit gym for the first time, if you’re moving and trying to find a new gym, or if you’re just needing to possibly find a new gym in your area.

This is our first podcast together and we’re excited to see where this goes. Enjoy!

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  • Episode 21 - Recovery from working out, what does that mean and how? November 29, 2022
    On this week's episode, we talked about what recovery methods we use and what we've seen work the best throughout our time of coaching and doing CrossFit. What's most important to what works, but isn't as high on the list of musts. 
    Ute Crossfit
  • Episode 20 - Is motivation all you need? November 21, 2022
    Being motivated is talked about so much in the fitness space. Is motivation all you need in order to be successful in achieving your fitness goals or is there something else there that helps?
    Ute Crossfit
  • Episode 19 - Workout Gear. What do you need? November 14, 2022
    We start this episode with answering a listener's question and then talk about what type of workout gear you should have and what's just nice to have. If you want to look up any of what we talked about, type what the gear is you're looking for with "crossfit" after.  #crossfit #fitness #workout #utecrossfit #workoutequipment […]
    Ute Crossfit
  • Episode 18 - Is CrossFit Dangerous?! November 6, 2022
    On this episode we talk about our experience with CrossFit and injuries. Are they related? What causes injuries in CrossFit and how to avoid them. 
    Ute Crossfit
  • Episode 17 - Should you keep track of your workout results?? October 31, 2022
    Keeping track, or logging your results in some way to keep track of progress, how important is that? Will it make you better or be a negative reminder?
    Ute Crossfit
  • Episode 16 - How often should you workout to help progress? October 24, 2022
    We had a technical malfunction at the beginning so don't mind the sound in the first 1:00. It fixes.    What's the best amount of days you should workout a week, how to avoid the dreaded "burnout" feeling, and how to build your weaknesses, whatever the weakness. Video version on Youtube.
    Ute Crossfit
  • Episode 15 - What are good habits that can help immediately? October 17, 2022
    On this episode we talk about good habits that can help improve your health  and performances immediately. We go into some detail about each topic and how to get started with introducing them into your everyday life.
    Ute Crossfit
  • Episode 14 - Nutrition October 10, 2022
    On this episode, we lightly discuss what our experiences are with food and what we've recommended for clients we've worked with in the past. We also talk about how it affects our daily life and workouts. We each have our own opinion on what works and what doesn't, but have a common thought: eat "clean."
    Ute Crossfit
  • Heart Rate and Wearables - Episode 13 October 3, 2022
    Wearables, when they're applicable and when they're not. Should you lean into the technology side of wellness or should you go by feel?
    Ute Crossfit
  • Episode 12 September 27, 2022
    We talk about being a beginner/intermediate Crossfitter how to keep progressing for  longevity and trying to get to doing most workout as prescribed. We also introduce two new co-hosts, Adrien and Carlos.
    Ute Crossfit